Who am I?

This is the question that often pops up when I look in the mirror and really stare at the woman I’ve become over the past year. Professionally, my career started out in Psychotherapy and I took a break from working full-time shortly before having my first child. Fast forward 3 years later, now the mother of two children, Network Marketer and Mindset Coach, I sometimes laugh at who I’ve become…but not in the way you might think!

You see, three years ago, I didn’t have the drive, motivation or courage that I have today. I was living life but not fully living. I denied myself the right to pursue more out of life because I accepted that there would be a glass ceiling in my field that I’d likely never break through. When I took a chance at network marketing…and then testing the waters of affiliate marketing, I had reached a point where I’d try anything new. Well, almost anything. lol

It was an up and down journey but after attending training after training, following different leaders in the industry and ultimately doing the hard work on my mindset; I concluded that all along the problem wasn’t that I didn’t have all the skills. Rather, it was that I didn’t have belief that I could use the skills and get the breakthrough I so desperately wanted. My blog will document some of my journey and helpful tips I picked up along the way. Mostly, I plan to challenge you to be a better version of yourself by replacing your limiting beliefs with ones that align with a growth mindset. I invite you to check back for weekly posts that will inspire, encourage and motive you. I’m on a mission to help as many women as I can while using my skills plus passion. Will you join me on this journey? I sure hope so. 🙂



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