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Three Things Stopping Professional Counselors From Taking a Leap Into Entrepreneurship.

Have you ever set back and wondered why your 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem to stretch as far as others? You get up early for work, survive a long shift, get off and try to squeeze in the grocery run, attending to personal matters, running the kids back and forth to activities and finish your night routine only to realize you’ve made no progress. Is that just life for you or is it what you’ve accepted?

I get it. This is what it looks like for many working professionals and not just counselors. You might occasionally just accept that this is your life and the silver lining is that you at least get to help people improve their mental health in the process. But what about your mental health? Has it suffered while you push through and give your job your all with little in return?

So what’s stopping you from making a change? Could it be one of these 3 things?

  1. Fear often keeps counselors from embracing change. You spent years in school to get that degree and an additional 2+ years to get licensed. Some think “If I change careers now, people will think I’m crazy!”
  2. Low energy plagues many in the mental health field. Your work might not be labor intensive but your brain is getting a full blown workout dealing with all the issues you face at your job. Has it been hard to shift gears and allow yourself space to brainstorm how you’ll make a career change because you’re just too darn tired when you clock out?
  3. Lack of insight is another issue especially since it’s hard to see just how bad your situation is while you’re in it. I get it, you’re focused on surviving each day. At some point though, if you want to move forward, you’ll need more insight so you choose a new path that serves you better.

Do either of those ring a bell? This is the case for many counselors and that’s why I’ve dedicated my coaching business to helping counselors just like you. People that desire more out of life but aren’t just quite sure what that looks like or where to start. The truth is you CAN have a career that meets all your sweet spots. One usually thinks of candy but think about the parts of your life that could be better…sweeter. Maybe you want more money, time freedom or you might want to have control over the type of impact you have on others. It’s all possible but it starts with identifying the roadblocks. Lucky for you, I created The Counselor’s Block; 5 Burnout Traits Counselors MUST Heal From Before Embracing Career Transition. This pdf download is jam packed with information to help you identify where you’re stuck and get started on your path to healing. Interested? Just visit this LINK to download your free copy today! Until next time.


Conquering Fear With 3 Simple Mindset Steps

Have you ever woke up and decided you’re ready to overcome fear but took no action because you didn’t know where to start? If so, this blog post is for you.

Yesterday, I took my first adult swimming lesson. Now before you start to wonder why today’s topic is about swimming and not Mindset Coaching, hold your horses because I promise to tie all of this in. 🙂

Back to the story. As a child, I was fearful of water…deathly afraid to be exact. The thought that drowning was possible made the idea of even trying too much to face. So I barely passed the class with my sister and our supportive parents didn’t push because “If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to do it.” Looking back, I understand they were giving us autonomy. As an adult with kids, I now question how much I’ll push my kiddos when it really comes to facing fear…especially when those fears involve basic life lessons that one should know. Fast forward to being a mom in her mid-thirties (That’s all I’m willing to admit. lol) with 2 young children who love water, I had no choice but to enroll them and myself in lessons. You read into that correctly…my fear of drowning even extended to them.

So what fears are holding you back in adulthood? Which ones might you pass on to your kids if you don’t face them? Generational fear can be passed down and someone has to break the cycle. Will that be you? If I still have your attention, then I’d bet my money that it won’t. Here are 3 mindset steps to help you conquer fear.

  1. Explore your fear’s origin. Was it something that originated in your childhood? What message did you learn about fear of ____?
  2. Take action by visualizing yourself engaging in that fear. (i.e. If your fear is swimming, visualize yourself feeling comfortable in the water, floating and smiling as your kids watch you naturally engage in swim.)
  3. Utilize affirmations that help your sub-conscious mind embrace a new way of relating to your old fear. (i.e. “I enjoy learning to swim.” “I feel relaxed in the water.”)

If you practice those 3 steps consistently on repeat, you can embrace your fears in a way that’s comfortable and empowering. I’m living proof that it CAN be done! Also, if you have a fear of changing careers due to say fear of being judged by colleagues, fear that you won’t be successful, fear of learning something new, you can use these same steps to conquer that as well. Consistency is the key here.

If you enjoyed today’s post and would like to join a community of like-minded counselors who are all looking to heal their mindset wounds, consider joining my Facebook group “Mindset Healing for Counselors” HERE. See you on the inside!