The Power of Now

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What does it look like to step into your now and create a life you love? I ask because while out and about, I meet new people often. It’s normal for people to ask “So what do you do?” therefore the topic of career is usually a part of conversation.

It’s been very noticeable that people have no problem sharing what they do while lacking enthusiasm behind every word. Some frequent responses are “I work in medical billing but I don’t like it.” or “I’m a Professional Counselor but I wish I could do something that pays more. Don’t get me wrong, I like working with the people but the politics and pay are horrible!”

When did “but” become so normal? Also, when did people stop dreaming? The common denominator in most of the stories I hear is that people are waiting for something magical to happen for them to pursue career change. Even further, they lack belief in themselves and feel that they’ll only be able to take chances in the future…not now. It’s a sad truth. What happened to the power of now? The answer is that people started accepting their circumstances as law. They forget they have the power to change their now. It’s possible to create a life you love. It will take effort on your part however changing your belief about why you can’t is where you need to start.

Here’s How to Step Into Your Now

  1. Write down your vision. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’re probably tired of this first step but seriously, ideas floating around in your head are great but writing them down solidifies them. It also helps you to stop day dreaming about your ideas and see them as something tangible.
  2. Examine your current life. Sometimes writing a pros and cons list helps here because it gives you the visual representation of what life really looks like. Make note of things that are going well and things that you don’t like but settle with. Are there things you’ve felt restricted from doing? Do others complain about your lack of time? Write them all down here.
  3. Determine your top 5 values. It’s very likely that you’re not living in alignment with your values if you say you value family but never get to spend time with them because of your draining job.
  4. Re-train your mind. Up until now you’ve probably told yourself you can’t step out and try something new because ______. Your excuse here doesn’t matter as much as your willingness to embrace change. Try visualizing yourself doing what brings you happiness. Add in some affirmations to help you overcome self-sabotaging or challenging thoughts. Also add in books or podcasts that motivate you and encourage you to take a chance on yourself. Self-motivation is key here. We can’t wait for someone else to give us what we’re already capable of doing.
  5. Make a plan. Steps 1-4 are great but if there’s no plan in place, then you’ll end up doing the same thing you’ve been doing which is settling. It’s okay if your plan involves you tolerating your current job for another year or two while you work on your dream in the background. We all have to live, right? What’s important is that you make a list of things you need to accomplish to make the change.

I sincerely hope these steps have helped you. They have helped me tremendously! Remember that even the smallest steps get you closer to your goal. You don’t have to remain stuck in a career that drains you and keeps you from connecting with others. It’s possible to do something that will fuel you and give you back control over your life. By the way, If you’re a Professional Counselor who’s feeling burned out, belief is low and you could use some help identifying what’s keeping you stuck in a job that doesn’t serve you, grab a copy of The Counselor’s Block; Five Burnout Traits Counselors MUST Heal From Before Embracing Career Transition HERE.

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