How to discover and heal the subconscious money blocks impacting your daily financial habits

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It’s been a while…I know. All of a sudden our lives adjusted and there was a need to look at my business activities and adjust how much time I was spending on each task. Blogging, as I’m sure you know, takes research, time and deep thought if one wants to bring the type of value that actually impacts lives. Life is all about balance and as such, I’m now shooting to produce at least one new blog post a month. They will likely be shorter in length but jam packed with actionable information! So there’s that. Now let’s move on to the written value I’ve prepared for you today. 🙂

Let’s talk money blocks…

Are you having a hard time figuring out why you under or overspend money? This doesn’t just define life for the average Professional Counselor but it’s characteristic of the general population as well. Many people describe their financial lives as “living paycheck to paycheck” or “there’s just nothing left over” or “I just can’t seem to spend money. People say I’m cheap.” These are all money blocks of course and if you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’re also into the LOA (Law of Attraction) so basically, the more you recite those negative statements, the more negative habits will continue to manifest into your life.

Here’s the thing about money blocks: they will remain glued to your subconscious mind unless you address them. When I first began studying how to remove them, I delayed the work because it seemed exhausting. You mean to tell me I really need to address all the issues from my past? Well, the truth is that you might want to if you want to truly discover what’s keeping you stuck.

The purpose of today’s post is to give Licensed Professional Counselors one actionable thing to do to deal with their money blocks. Of course people across many professions deal with these blocks however this blog’s focus is specific to counselors because they are often encouraged to provide pro bono services, accept salaries at non-profits that barely cover living expenses and student loans and work way more hours than they’re actually compensated for even after they clock out. There are different ways to address money blocks but the one shared today seems to be the most simple. So here you go-take it or leave it!

Are you ready to address your money blocks, counselor?

Step 1. Trace back to your earliest memory of the exchange of money. This could be something you saw or heard. It could be that as a child, you overheard your parents argue about money. Maybe one parent even yelled “That’s why we’re never able to take any family trips! It’s because you spend all the money before it hits our account!” This one memory could have been the start to all of your current money issues. You either grow up to believe you should spend money before it disappears or you avoid spending money for fear it will run out. Sound familiar?

Step 2. Visualize. Get in a quiet place, relax your body and visualize your earliest memory. Go through the whole scene in your mind and acknowledge any feelings that come up. If it’s fear, sadness, anxiety or frustration for example, you have a better understanding of the feelings the over or under spending of money leaves you with.

Step 3. Replace those negative feelings with positive ones by editing that memory in your head. This many take time and repetition but from personal experience, it works! You’ll simply complete step 2 but this time you’ll imagine hearing a different conversation (or seeing a different scene) take place between your parents. Maybe you’ll replace it with “Honey, I’m so happy our financial abundance affords us the opportunity to take family vacations as often as we’d like. And to think…we even have money left over!” The goal is to keep this positive one on repeat and not the other message. It involves tricking your brain but really, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference so it doesn’t matter. 😉 You’re just looking to evoke a different feeling each time that comes up and over time, you’ll find that your spending habits (behavior) will change to match your new memory.

So are you ready to take some inspired action? As always, I truly hope this is helpful for you and invite you to comment below or feel free to reach out on social media or via email. I do respond to those messages personally.

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