Visualization techniques won’t work if you’re forgetting this…

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Visualization is an old concept but one that’s making waves in the positive psychology space. It involves the formation of mental visual images. It’s a good exercise to use when you’re feeling low, battling depression or have a hard time seeing yourself as the successful person you desire to be. The problem? No matter how much visualization you do, the manifestation of your desires doesn’t always come right away and some dreams actually take longer to manifest.

This causes people to visualize inconsistently or even worse, they do it wrong. So have you been stuck with the “How to visualize effectively?” question? Most people probably think really hard about the things they want and even picture those things in their minds. This is great as it’s the beginning of visualization but if that’s all you’re doing (i.e. visualizing money, a new car, house built from scratch, job, vacation, etc.) you’re missing the mark.

If what you want hasn’t shown up in your life, there could be a number of things going wrong.

1. Time: As mentioned before, some dreams do take time to manifest. If you’re thinking visualization exercises will cause your dreams to manifest overnight, think again.

2. Action: Are you spending all day visualizing what you want but not taking any action to make it happen? Sorry to tell you but you are going to have to put some work in. The good news is that the work should be enjoyable since you’re putting energy towards something you desire.

3. Patience: Have you gotten impatient and therefore stopped doing the work? Maybe you still try visualization but negative thoughts overwhelm you and you can’t stay focused on what it is you desire. A good remedy for this is to try grounding exercises to make sure your mind doesn’t wander off. This could be as simple as sitting upright in a chair and feeling every piece of your body touch that chair before you practice visualization.

4. Identifying yourself in the visualization: Are you seeing yourself as the one on the receiving end of the things you want? Have you made a connection with seeing yourself driving the car you desire or do you just visualize your dream car on the lot, lonely without you as its’ driver?

I’d argue that the latter is one of the most important visualization techniques. There’s a block here for some people. They visualize the business they want to start but don’t actually see themselves registering a business name, marketing their services, attracting clients and accepting payment in return for stellar services. I hope you’re picking up how important this is. Many times, it may seem easier to see others with the things you desire but once you start placing yourself in your visualization, things start to change.

You can likely expect a better mood, more positive attitude towards life and you might even randomly find yourself visualizing throughout the day because your brain begins to recall those things that are important to you. Visualization is seeing and feeling yourself ALREADY being, doing and having the good which you desire. The key word is “already.” Now I could go into a long spiel about the importance of having gratitude for what you presently have but I’ll save that for another day. It’s okay if what you want hasn’t already shown up. Continue to practice visualizing what you desire, being thankful for what you currently have and remaining prayerful. Trust that God will give you the desires of your heart when you’re ready to receive them.

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